March/April 2016: How to think about terrorism – suggestions

Dear Reader,

It is better not to send any negative thoughts to those who plan and execute terrorist attacks. These people should get into a more gentle energy and that is not possible when everyone thinks about them with loathing and often hate. The best way is to visualise placing them together in a large field. Then imagine a circle of angels around the field. Energy will radiate from the angels that takes these terrorists slowly to another energy level. Do not expect this to happen overnight, but when many people do this visualisation, the effects of the terrorists’ deeds will change. It also means that you are taking action.
A lot of you would prefer to see terrorists imprisoned or even receiving the death penalty, however this is not the way to go against these evil deeds. What these people lack (and need) is a deep rooted self-love, that is why they choose this violent road. When they get home, nothing is waiting for them: no nice course, interesting studies or exciting work. These people, children sometimes, have no purpose. The only thing they hear is that they can become heroes by sacrificing themselves. They never hear that they already are heroes, just the way they are. This understanding should find its way across the globe and eventually into the training camps of the terrorists. These people have a right to a happy, fulfilling life, with the feeling that they contribute something to society without getting killed and taking numerous victims with them. Give yourself the time to let your emotions out when there is another attack. Afterwards, try to forget it as soon as possble. I have already said it once, but the violence does not stop. Light a candle for the victims with loving thoughts and go your own way. Try not to let it come too close to heart. That does not mean that you are heartless. It is very important that people realise they can generate positive energy for a new world. That is what you do when you think positive. Create a beautiful atmosphere in your home, put nice flowers in your garden or on the balcony if you have one. Invite someone who does not have these things and who loves to be outdoors for a change. Then you are creating paradise on earth and we will always help you with that.