January 2016: Delete negative energy with self love

Dear reader,

I see that you all have the urge to clean out negative energies in your life. That is a great good. I may be of help by showing you that the love for yourself is the basis by which you can remove those negative energies. Let your self love radiate past the boundaries of your house (and garden) and picture yourself as the centre of that enormous power of love.It is like a circle around you. You can also take problems into that circle so that they lose some of their edges in the energy of love. This way you’ll see that the solution to a problem is easier than you think.
Try to let a problem go by visualising that you open your hands and as it were offer it to the heavens. So for everything you still grasp and cannot let go: make a cup of your hands, lift them up and give all your troubles to us! That way you will experience a freedom in which you can see the solutions.
You can also include your good intentions, wishes and dreams into the circle of self love.
For those who do not yet know what self love is: it is the knowledge that you are an inseparable part of Me, The Source, The Universal Power, Spirit, and that this power is in you too and you may radiate that power. Try to wrap your mind around this and not only your mind, also the field of consciousness around you should be permeated by this idea. You feel it in your heart too, that is its source. The difficult thing is to connect the heart with the mind.
Let all the things that happened last year go and meet the coming time in faith. What you do as an individual is important: a small act may have an enormous impact.
So be aware of the fact that you are not powerless. We help every person to live their dreams so enjoy the new year in this light.