December 2015 Mind power

Dear Reader,

“Look at your life and write down what you do and don’t like about it. Then determine whether you can change these things or that they are caused by the system, which you cannot change. Look at your priorities, what is necessary in your life? What do you really want to change or see changed? Sometimes it is enough just to speak your intention aloud for it to come true.
Try to look at yourself in a positive way and do not go back to your old thoughts of inadequacy. The fact that there are problems in society does not mean that you will experience them in your life, dear reader. So do not be too fearful when you hear about all kinds of measures taken by the government. The world’s playground seems more and more difficult to access as an individual, but one can do a lot with mind power.
Send positive thoughts to people in war zones, to the earth, the animal and plant worlds, the seas. Try to stop the radioactive wave emanating from the still leaking nuclear power station in Japan. Send positive thoughts to the waters around the power plant for a month (or longer if you can) every day at the same time. The radioactivity there will decrease. It seems unbelievable, but that is the power of intention.
Try to work more with this power in the coming year, it will give you a lot of good in your life.
Be aware that you are heard and blessings are with you for 2016 and after.”